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Interested in Study Abroad , But not too sure about the county ? Don’t Worry we are here to help out you. Eklavya Educators talent and experienced education counselor will help you out. From a number of options of various courses and universities , we know that it is a very difficult task to decide where and what to learn. That is where the Eklavya Educators executives role comes into play.They first understand your objectives and then they locate your suitable course and university.
When you have a idea of study abroad in your mind , You have to be sure that study abroad will change your lifestyle and career objectives totally.At this point to time , you must be sure of your choices of course and university . If you are not sure then its time to get in touch with Eklavya Educators executive.

Our Special Database Collection For You

Eklavya Educators executives helps you out in short listing the top universities and look after the desired course and apply for that. Now its time for us to analyze your finance , your selected country and course to study ,your English knowledge and proficiency , your marks. Then there will be specified results. For more derivative search process , We provide you database of several Indian and foreign university.

Find the right Destination For You.

So till here you have a definite thought of selected country. But that is not all done. Now you must understand that you have to stay there for around 3-4 years and you will be almost alone at the new place. You have a lots of points to consider regarding the housing and compatibility according to you. In today’s era you have a lot of options to surf and search online about almost everything. So what are you waiting go and research and have a positive idea .

We have a lot of universities in USA. How would you come to know which university is best? For that you can check the latest news and updates regarding the university and can check their rankings in their region. Eklavya Educators data with your research, interests and ideas will lead you to the final pick.

Study Abroad Made Effortless

We know that it is a little difficult to understand the study abroad process cause its little bit complex. That is why Eklavya Educators has a lot of experienced and talented staff across delhi-ncr region to help you out at each stage. You can fix a appointment with our online portal.

Guidance and Support

Throughout all your foreign study process , You must be get in touch with Eklavya Educators for latest news and updates. With our connections with different partners at different places of the world , we would inform you regarding the changes in the admission process in any. We know how essential it is to discover whether your application is successful, that is why we attempt to generate speedy responses.

Submitting University Application

According to your words, your eklavya educators executive will process your application . Eklavya Educators offices across Delhi-ncr supply documents to university and compile your application. We will also provide the prospectus of university that contain different course structure and educational seminar details.

Response from the University

You will get a response from the University within 4-8 weeks of the submission of application. When the University sends you an offer letter. Education representatives may appraise your eligibility for the program and print the offer letter during the interview at one of Eklavya Educators international student events during the year.

Acceptance and Payment

If there aren’t any conditions on offer letter that you require to meet, you might accept that offer at once. If the tuition fee payment is in bank draft, it must be payable to institution and must be dispatched to the institution by Eklavya Educators itself.

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