For study in abroad the most important thing is that Have you enough funds for this.? When you visit Eklavya Educators , we try to figure out the best options for you . We also provide you the best funding options you can go with like some kinds of personal loans, education loans or some other types of mechanisms. Our advisers also confirms you about the scholarships you get and some other options to finance. We provide you options of scholarships and student loans .We also provide you options for the part time jobs and cheaper housing facts so that funding for your education will not be tough for you. The part time work options will definitely help you because that money will help you in living expenses.
We will advice you that never decline the educational loan if you got a scholarship either. We know that some of you thinks that education loan is complex , but Eklavya Educators guarantees you that you will never face any difficulty in that. the educational loan will cover more than half of your education expense. Although the bank will never give you the money in your hand but they will credit the amount into universities account every semester or year.
To help you out, Eklavya Educators wants give you some guidance about Educational Loan…


Suppose that you have get offer letter from the university immediately apply for the educational loan. Just do a research regarding the educational loan .During the whole period till you have your visa and ready to go , you have enough time to get a educational loan.

Most appropriate Bank:

We help you to find out the bank with your suitability. As considering some factors that there can be some changeable rate of interest. Government bank have lesser interest rate as compared to private banks. Also there are less documentation for government banks. Don’t put all your hopes on merely a single one though – it’s best to apply at multiple banks, if loan application gets rejected by one.

Top banks that provide study loan:

• SBI BANK (State Bank of India)
• Indian Overseas Bank


First of all banks checks that are you eligible for the loan. Many banks provide loans on long term courses while some banks provide loans on short term courses. So you need to differentiate between this and must be wise enough to select the bank of your need. If the educational loan is not appropriate then you can go for the personal loans also.


When you need a loan of above 5 lac then you will need a consignee (mostly Parent) to sign for the loan for you. Your cosigner would be on a hook for the debt, and so it’s a very huge commitment and mustn’t be taken lightly.

Reasons for Finding a Great Part-Time Job Overseas

So suppose you reach there with help of loan or your funding also, then what comes next. There would be a provision of housing and living there. The education loan will not help you with this because the amount will go directly to the universities bank account. So you need to have a part time job also for your living there so that all the process will go in the right manner. Here are some reasons that why you have to do part time job …

• Part-time job will help you out all the expenses like your bills and rents that are exceeding your budget.
• During work there will be more friends more you so you get a circle there. that will also help you to improve your communication skill accordingly.You can build up strong language skills during working.
• You will easily mold yourself according to there culture and language.
• It will enhance your CV also for further job processing.
• You can go on trips and can explore the country with your new mates.

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