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The aspirants of learning in USA is increasing year by year. Students are choosing USA their dream destiny to gain higher degree and the experience . USA is currently having the most numbers of application from international students , this shows us education quality and all other conditions in the US. But now the question arise why US is becoming the most prominent place for education . Here we are clarifying you some points …

Quality Education

US education is known for its excellence all around the world. The demand of US degree is so high because of its quality and brilliance. The top students form around the world go for US for their Schooling and degree because of its quality education. That’s why the degree awarded from US is in high demand and respected everywhere in the world. The programs/courses offered form US universities provide in depth knowledge and practicality in all fields offered that is result into your better educational system as well as better career growth.
At starting level, the course offered in different streams are outstanding and they sharpen your mind and will result into the better educational/career prospects.

Various Educational Opportunities

There are thousands of colleges and universities in USA and there are lot of them that any another country can’t even match them according to the study. As USA had so many universities and campuses , so there are more opportunities for international students. Also another fact is that the course offered in different universities is different likewise some US colleges provide engineering related courses, some colleges focus on better educational principles, some universities provide short term course for eager employment , some provide arts and commerce courses etc. So till now you understand that there is different educational prospects with every course offered in US and you will have a fair choice to select according to your comfortably.
Another major thing is that you can also apply to some universities as your “UNDECIDED” course. The laws in US is “LIBERAL ARTS PHILOSOPHY” according to it you can attend classes on different subjects and then based in your interest and suitability your can select any subject as your specialization. You also have the option of Completing a “DOUBLE MAJOR” by Students can also complete a ‘double major’, degrees in dual academic fields completed within the usual four years of study.
You can also learn minor qualification by completing short term courses.

Advanced Technology

USA is known for its Advanced Technology system .USA Universities has the honor of having the most advanced technology, research system and all latest and finest equipment to use during the education and study. Now one better fact for you is that even if you are not form engineering/science side, still you manage to become experienced or you have a chance to use latest/newest technology used during research and gaining and processing information. You have a chance of connecting with top class teacher and tutors around the world.

Research, Training and Teaching Opportunities

Another major benefit of US study is that you always have a chance of having a valuable experience of teaching and research during your study. During your graduation study, there are a lot of programs for you that offers teaching/research opportunities during the study and that will help you in exploring different aspects of studies and also be helpful in your MAJOR studies. Top International students from different countries have to opportunities to prove their skills during classrooms and practical sessions and also there is a lot to learn from other individuals as well and will sharpen your career prospects that’s why we are saying that If you are going for research then USA is the best choice.

Another top benefit during research with your studies, based on your performance you can earn money while learning , and then you can enroll for masters. Your research system can help you in getting waivers in your tuition fee as well you can get a stipend from university side. If your research projects are good, you can for different government and MNCs and can earn.

Just consider a fact during your research that “SPECIAL TALENT HAS ITS OWN IDENTITY.”

Flexible Learning

The different universities provides various programs in different aspects and coursework requirements but still you normally find different choices.For example, if you are doing UG course, there is a wide range options to complete your coursework in different batches and according to your interest.You can made the coursework complete individually based on different factors like academic requirements, career objectives, area of interest and selection in your major projects.

International Students Support

The choice of study in US is a good experience, but day-by-day concerns are challenging. To fit yourself according to the academic and cultural environment , the task becomes so what difficult. Our Eklavya Educators orientation program helps you throughout your stay in the US, your issue resolveness, your financial issues, your housing problems, your health issues and your employment concerns. It’s an invaluable information source and helps to make a switch into academic and cultural life.

Career Prospects

Experience and type/location of study is an very important aspect of the career. Employers from all around the world preferably wants to hire the students with top class study and experience. They seek the knowledge, flexibility and know-how acquired by the pool of international students.
After the completion of your study , you can legally work in the US in your related field of study. You have to apply for Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization (OPT). Students are contacted by companies during their OPT period and you can easy placement based on performance.

Campus Life

During the study in US , you have a benefit of having the experience of different countries languages, cultures and types of peoples. There are different organisations and clubs for international students. There you meet new peoples , make new friends and make yourself a far better individual. There are different fests and programs where you can participate and assign yourself an solid entity and can make country glory high as US campuses offer a rich assortment of cultural, academic and athletic activities adding new dimensions to life.

Visa Rules

• Students wishing to pursue degrees in academic programs (full-time) for bachelors, masters, doctoral categories should obtain F-1 visas.
• M-1 visa is for students planning to pursue vocational or non-academic certification programs of short duration.
• J-1 visa is for aspirants in trainee or exchange programs. Applicants comprise researchers, university professors, post-doctoral fellows.
• You should have an official I-20 (for F, M visas) or DS-2019 (for J visas) issued by school or sponsoring institute in the US.
• If you earn academic credit for a class at any US. school, even for a single course, an F-1, M-1, or J-1 visa is necessary. Not-for-credit certification courses and seminars might be attended using B1/B2 tourist visa.
• Pay your SEVIS fee before the interview. F-2, J-2, M-2, the dependant visas are excepted from SEVIS fee.
• You cannot apply for the visa more than 120 days prior to the program start date, on the Form I-20 or DS-2019.
• You cannot enter the US on the student visa more than 30 days prior to the program start date on the Form I-20 or DS-2019.

What will Eklavya Educators do for you?

Authorized Agent for Work and Study program

• Provide you a starter kit in which everything is inbuilt and not even a single thing is ignored
• Guide you to have all the basic requirements needed
• Screening your documents
• Applications filed
• Documents compilation
• Documents Dispatching
• I-20/Offer letter followup with university
• Full support to clear visa interview by firstly providing you the Mock tests and training’s to face the question asked by the interviewer.

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