Eklavya Educators helps you to study abroad in your desired country. Because migration means your choice not by chance.
Study abroad like opportunities never come in life twice.So you must not missed it. Overseas opportunities may vary from peoples to peoples. Some goes to overseas for higher studies , some for settle down permanently some for work and some for short trips but the word “Overseas 1” describes you for study.
Across the world peoples are moving to others countries for better financial opportunities and better growth in career and setting specified goals in life.
The most number of receiving immigrants in this era is USA based on industrial development expansion.

How to Move to a Foreign Country

1. Your passport must have a valid dated.
2. You should have a specific plan in your mind.
3. You must have enough time.
4. You should have bank accounts working for you.
5. You must have your known in that country where you want to migrate.
6. You must have an honest research about all your goings.
7. You Should have enough cash to carry.
8. You should hire a driver which has a up to date driving license.
9. You should give enough time to your current place of work.
10. You must have a final decision in your mind of your moving country.
11. Take a vacation to the country so you can experience it before calling it home.
12. You should have all the information about the country as much as you can.
13. Learn about the country’s immigration laws and procedures.
14. You must have at least basic knowledge of the country language.
15. If you have children, moving overseas becomes more challenging.

Things You will Need

1. You should know all about Embassy rules and regulations and information.
2. You should have known agents and lawyers.
3. You must have Financial adviser.
4. You should have basic idea about shipping information.
5. You should know about all the basic follow ups and check offs.
6. If needed should have storage arrangements.
7. Should have Internet access.
8. Should have a known person for guidance.
9. Passports, visas, vaccinations.
10. You should be Medically fit.

Documents Required for Workers (Individuals)

Some semi skilled individuals who want to go other places as a migrant , directly that is by not going through particular agents will definitely need following original documents for scrutiny and return:

1. Passport with a validity of atleast 6-8 months having a valid visa.
2. You have the contract signed with aborad employer that you are going to work at their place.
3. Should have a valid Challan of the fee related.
4. Should have a Insurance policy .

Documents required for workers (Through Recruiting Agents)

They should have to contain the following documents:

1. Passport of the worker valid for a minimum period of 6 months with valid visa.
2. you must have to show the all original document regarding your employment details from the foreign employer. like offer letter,valid contract.
3. Valid challan of the related fee.
4. Should have a valid Insurance Plan.

The immigration officers can deny any application for following reasons :

1. If the applicants employment terms are non-valid or exploitative.
2. If the applicants working nature doesn’t suits human expertise or breaking Indian Laws
3. Applicants staying and living there must be in good conditions.
4. Is applicants is applying for the right country for that specified work .
5. All the arrangements regarding the stay are corresponding to the wages and salary or not.

Eklavya Educators is the best Abroad study Consultants in Delhi-NCR, helping since few years to the students to live a life what they have dream about.Our Talented and experiences staff in delhi-ncr region is quite helpful and eager to help out students for foreign studies.

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