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Now suppose that once you have secure your seat in the university,the next step is how to get your visa or apply for your visa for that country.Now time to get in touch with a consultant. If you are afraid of your answers for the interview, your consultant will help you guiding you to crack the interview.

Eklavya Educators is always helpful for you in this case. For your visa obtaining process or to get a visa you have to clear the interview. There are not any special rules and procedure for visa because for some countries there are no rules you can visa easily but in some countries the visa process is very tough like England. In this entire process of getting a visa Eklavya Educators is always helpful and guide you in the best possible manner.

Here we go with basic facts and procedure:

• You will need all the original documents i.e. from university documents to bank statements etc.
• you should have to provide all the documents regarding your travel , your housing/stay at foreign and your financial capability.You may also have to verify/guarantee to visa officers that you will manage your stay in abroad at your own.
• If you have your well wishers or relative in that abroad country , them you have to show their signing letter that they will support you.
• In another case if you are going on scholarship basis , then you should have to provide all the documents associated with it like scholarship validity , amount etc.
• You must apply for your visa at least before 1-2 months before your travel planning because sometimes there are unwarranted delays in visa processing. So you must have to be careful in this regard.
• You may be denied to get visa at first attempt , but make sure you never have to leave hope at point of your life. Visa office should have to provide you a solid reason if they denied your process .
• If you have a spouse or children that is dependent on you , then you must clarify the things that how will he/she be able to sustain if you are not with him/her.
• You should be clearly mention your travel date in the application.

Documents required to checklist again for applying visa :

• The most important letter you need is Acceptance letter from the university. After that you will need to gather and produce all the information regarding your study start date, duration , financial capabilities etc. . You should also have to submit the Sponsor’s letter if there is one.
• You should also have to produce/show a letter form university officer/professor that you are joining the university under their surveillance. And if you are going as an employee also then you should should employer’s letter.
• You should produce all your documents regarding study whether they are about your upcoming study in abroad or your past study certificates based on which you are applying for further studies.
• You may be need your IELTS/TOEFL test clear to make sure that you have enough English proficiency according to the country you are going.

Other Compulsory Details:

• You must be sure that your passport is valid.
• You must provide a fresh copy passport size photos.
• You have to make the payment while submitting the form of visa application.
• You have to submit the statement of the bank maximum 30 days older from the application date to verify the financial capacity.
• Now If you have any type to work experience you have to produce the experience letter.

Eklavya Educators role in clearing the interview….

Now you inches closer to the big day of your life and we know that you are very nervous about this. Don’t worry we will not let you misguide from anyone. Eklavya Educators will definitely help you in this regard. Eklavya Educators will prepare you make the solutions and crack the interview. We also suggest you that you attend a Mock/learning interview from Eklavya Educators just before the actual interview so that you will face less difficulties at that time. We help you to plan everything about your future things likes living standard, life happenings and other food habits of the country where you want to go.

Now we have some interesting facts for you which you missed. For some countries visa there is option that you apply for visa online and after that get an date for the aptitude test. Clear that aptitude test and in this way you might have avoid the interview procedure.

Now suppose that you got a work after completing your study , you should inform at visa office for extension by having all the points in mind that you will convince the visa officer that you will be back soon after your further studies or on completion of current study. Now suppose that university assures you that you will definitely get the work after completion or during your study then talk to your visa officer for an visa extend interview. This is not a lengthy interview it is just half an hour and the questions are also regarding the specific course and work that you are doing or do.

Now the question arises :
What an Interviewer Wants!

Eklavya Educators helps you understand what the interviewer needs from you:

• We will prepare you to live at high standards and also guide you about nation’s laws and rules so that you will not face any difficulty during the interview.
• Interviewer will also want to know about your financial capability that you can bear all the expenses during the study or not. We will guide you for the best answers related to that.

So this was the basic part where he/she will see your documents and you submitted and get the points why they will provide you the visa.

Interview Tips from Eklavya Educators:

• You should wise and truthful enough about all your commitments. Because they have all your documents in their hands and all the visa offices are enough experienced to spot your lies.
• You will guide you about the most asked questions like :-
– Why you want to study in this country?
– Why you want to study abroad not in India?
• Also the visa officer will try to tackle you with some “what will you do” questions. Some examples are:
– what will you do if you get a job there during/after study?
– What will you do if someone wants your partnership or care taker of their business there?

• Do all your homework about the university applying for and also make sure about your course for studying. Because interviewer might be interested in knowing that why you want to study in that particular university and courses and he/she will be very interested in knowing that are you capable enough to do that.
• Now you may be surely questioned about your finance terms like your bank balance and expenses during study. You must be very sure about your bank balance. If your parents aren’t in any job now, or you are short of adequate funding, then interviewer might inquire you to give details how you decide to fund yourself.
• You should dress formally and also be very presentable in front of the interviewer.
• Don’t hesitate and give response calmly . Listen carefully and give a wise answer.
• Never ever mis behave or do any bad activity in front of interviewer.

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