To decide the program/course and the country to study is the very ahead process. First of all you have to know about what test you have to clear and what should be your percentage in that to go that particular country/destination. So Eklavya Educators will give you guidance and tips to choose the test and how to clear it with a specific percentage . Our counselors are to help you about the different test’s tips and guidance like IELTS , TOEFL, GRE etc. So don’t worry about that much and meet or get in touch with Eklavya Educators adviser.

There are a number of universities who said that they don’t IELTS and TOEFL test clear instead they have the main focus on their in house English courses and their skill tests. So Eklavya Educators will help you out to clear these tests . We provide some mock test papers to give the basic idea about the test. Now if you want study at the graduate level is United states , then you have you preparation for the GRE test. With the help of our counseling you get the idea on the test clearance. This test is going harder and harder at every stage , so you need to proper guidance and latest crack updates in this regard. And if you want to go for MBA study , Then you have to clear the GMAT test. Eklavya Educators in always here to get you proper updates crack and guidance in this.

Eklavya Educators Basic Guidance

First of all have full concentration on Reading skills for that you can read English newspapers , journals , magazines and you will be in touch with latest news and updates. You can also watch CNN and BBC channel in your TV, English movies across world wide – it will help! Another good idea is that always talk in English even basis chats with friends and relatives. Give online English tests to social medias and on internet. Take part in different online English quiz. If you are serious, we will advice you to join English classes and try to speak and learn. Join classes regarding the sub-cultures and countries language you are going.

Prepare for tests with a definite approach

Eklavya Educators counselor will guide you to have the best research and top practicals options in the market. We will promise you that you will never regret of your investment. We will make sure that you will get enough IELTS band you need to go. The IELTS test is basic test of testing your English proficiency . So you will advice you the following the facts and tips that we discussed already in the above section. If you have basic idea of giving the TOEFL , then be prepared for it at least six months. We have a lot of online options for you to test and some mock up test papers. So that you have a basic idea of real test. For all test clearance you will need to start the preparation at least 3-6 months.

Some Practice with Eklavya Educators

So this practice section will first have a look upon how much time you have in a day for the all the practice , learning and tests . All you need is the regular practice. But make sure that you have to be regular even a one day break can damage your study. As you do practice with us , we will make sure that we work on your weak points more and give extra time on that. This is the most important thing you have to work upon.

How Fast Are You?

Sometimes, we come to know that some students can’t produce output according to the expectations because in the test time time runs fast during maths or writing and they got nervous in reading the test and answer accordingly.If you are also one of them at first attempt then no need to worry. Just focus on your speed and try to get paced . Be attentive , intelligent, smart and swift.

Eklavya Educators Tests and Training

When you get all study guidelines and going for some extreme preparation just take a advice from us. Take some mock tests during the preparation. Now by taking these mock test you will get to know about your weak points. So are most welcome to have training sessions provided by Eklavya Educators. Where we will try to improve your weak points and make you sure that you will be satisfied with the training. You will see the changes yourself when you attend our training.To help you at vast level we also provide you the guidelines about all the tests like IELTS, TOEFL and GRE.

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