Okay , Now you are sure that your admission is confirmed . You are inches closer to the dream day of your life. So are you ready for this. You should know information about your plane and let your name comes to the list of abroad students. Now the turn comes of several things like about your packing according to the countries atmosphere where you are going, about your seat in plane according to the time of travel and the formalities to do at the airport. You are not quite sure of these things. You should have knowledge about the weight you can carry in the plane.Well well no need to worry about all these things , Eklavya Educators is always here to guide in all these queries and happenings.

Have a look at Most Important Documents to carry :

There is a certain list of numbers of documents you need to carry. Like your passport with plane ticket and visa ,
address you have to reach, university and airport papers , housing documents etc. You will need them at regular basis during your travel so keep them near you as possible as you can.If you having money in cash format the make sure you have safety measure .

Keep Lighting :

Now what do you mean by lighting. You should keep your packing as light as you can. Some students make over packing of heavy clothes like jackets, gloves , sweater. evade from it as much as you can. While packing do one thing more keep all your clothes separate like woolen ,summer,casuals, outer all types. You should pack according to your need that at what time what you need. If your bag is still heavy , then remove some optional clothes.

Important Travel guidance form Eklavya Educators :

So suppose you are a young student visiting that country first time :

• First of all have a search on destination country and collect all the corresponding info like its weather, life style , day to day life and then carry your clothes accordingly.
• Okay We are giving you idea that during your visit wear your heavy jackets so that your space and weights of the bag reduces.
• If your destination country weather is cold , make sure you have enough packing of winter clothes and you will need the right then when you are landing at that place.
• You can shortlist your bags things based on how much urgent this is.
• If there is any stay or temporary time between your flights in case you are travelling with two flights,carry some needful or small clothes to carry in your hand bag.
• Buy a lightweight bag so that in would not count much in weighting.
• We will give you an advice to pack formal dress in less amount cause you have to wear them on special occasions and semi formal and casual wear you have to wear frequently. so pack them most.
• Leave out something that’s not essential. You can always purchase those in the nation you’re moving to.

Book a cheaper and Affordable Plain

While planning for ticket booking consider all the facts regrading the visa delays and other problems to travel plans. So when you book a flight, make sure that your travel according to the plan. Now suppose that there is any delay in your flight or plan , then you should be sure that if you cancel the ticket you will not have to pay extra penalty while cancelling your ticket. Pick the ticket that costs the minimum while cancelling.


Also if possible it will be better for you if the university arranges a pickup from airport. Although several university charges the students for airport pickup but there are some universities that offers this service free. For that you must be in touch in any of the university officer , so that they can arrange a taxi or university cab for your pickup.

Paid service

There is also another pickup options form airport. The university offers a paid service that is mathematically cheaper then the city cab service ride. So be practical and have a comfortable ride.

Take a bus

Another option to travel from airport o university is the shuttle buses . be in touch with any university officer and know the timing from them . the fare of the buses will definitely be cheaper from a taxi ride.

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